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So how do I explain to people that I’m an actual tomboy and not a lesbian. I’ve been embarrassed so many times cos of the things I do. I feel so so bad. I don’t even wanna go out anymore. The questions are just wearing out.

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Hey there. I think you should start taking it casually. I mean I’ve been through this situation and what I used to do was that I laughed when somebody said that to me.
And then I used to ask those people that “bro are you that kind of person who judges lgbtq?” People generally feel bad for being narrow minded.

And be confident girl!! Tomboyish girls are super cool. My best friend is tomboyish too and I’m so sure there’s nobody more cool than her in my entire college 😂




Ik bro people’s used to ship me and my frnds as lesbian’s
But yeah don’t listen to people’s…do what you like… wear clothes in which u r comfortable and happy…


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