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so hi,im a capracorn and i just cant see how everyone thinks that because im a capracorn im all this uptight,NEET and all this stuff…BITCH I BARLEY CAN KEEP A PINCALE FOR AN HOUR OF SCHOOL CAUSE I LOOSE IT AND I AM NEVER READY AND IM LAZY AS FUCK!!

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Hey! I know people are really obssessed with zodiac signs and are believers of stuff like this. And I know to some extent there are some characteristics specific to some zodiac signs but they are not entirely true. Besides, exceptions are always there. So don’t worry you are not wrong, let people think what they want to.
If you know Hindi language, there is this beautiful saying:
β€œKuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna. Chodho bekaar ki baaton mai, kahi beet na jaye raina”
Which losely translates to that people will say a lot of stuff, don’t change your focus of because of that. Stay strong and keep doing what you are doing :)


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