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Hi i am k!
I got a proposal few days ago
He is my dad’s friend’s son §
He is earning pretty good, very sweet, he’s honest and he loves me.
This guy wants to marry me and he said he can wait for me
As much time i want.
Btw i am 21 and he is 23

I am already in a relationship. He lives in another country… its a ldr
He loves me and i love him too
He is doing nothing
He is not financially stable
And there is no possibility we could meet
So yeah
and whenever talk about future to this person
He just says we just got one life… let see what happens.
I am quite losing my feelings for him
But he loves me alot

Now my family is quite conservative and according to them i should marry before my 25
I mean they support me in everything about my studies and all

Now if i go to my family for p
My family will support my decision cuz he is from the same community

But the guy i am dating…
My family will hate him

I just dont know

5 replies

This is some movie type shit
If you’re already losing feeling it’s probably not gonna work out but also there’s no reason you need to accept the proposal
It’s doesn’t have to be Either or
You could just focus on yourself/studies


Go with p.
Just love isn’t enough to sustain a marriage. Your goals about future should match too


you’ve already made yourself clear
but be careful…if the guy you’re dating really loves you and you both have been together for quite a good time… it’ll hurt him
and ig you’re just 21 so just wait for a bit
and also if you decide to go with this guy spend time with him, get to know him before taking a big step like marriage


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