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So here’s the thing, I feel really stupid for what I’m about to say but here it goes:
Really soon I will be turning 18 and I’ve been single for all those years, like I know I’m still young and got time but I really want to experience of being in a relationship. The amount of times I think about what having a boyfriend would feel like is kinda embarrassing 😅 and the problem is that I only have 2 boys friends that I rarely hand out with and see as friends. There’s no boy that I met that I had a crush on, like I’ve never met a boy who made feel different about than others. In conclusion I don’t what to do to have boys interested in me (they never did) or me finding a crush at the least. (Wow this long 😂 thank u to who ever made it to the end)

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Jack @jackschaner

Its okay to be single, just know that you will find someone one day. I know how it feels to fall behind and feel left out- time wont stop. It will continue till you find that person.


You are not the only one, it is the same with me, I am 18 now and I have never even talked to a girl face to face, ahah it sounds strange but that is true.
I also feel the same way you do, I wanna have a girlfriend too, but sometimes when I see other persons in relationship, I feel relieved. I am not saying relationship is bad but you know, when it comes to a relationship you really have to see your partner’s problems as yours (it depends on what kinda relationship you are in).
So I would say, for now take this as an opportunity and focus on your studies or whatever you are doing, eventually you gonna find someone or he is gonna find you( I am waiting for this too😅). So just chill and enjoy these moments of life.


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