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So here’s something really weird about me, recently my grandma from my Mum’s side of family passed away, and as soon as I heard the news I felt shocked internally I understood the seriousness of the situation but unwantedly uncontrollably I had a smile on my face idk why, and I even tried to control it but I couldn’t. It’s not that it’s happening first time, when my real grandma passed away, I was in the same situation. I have been there on multiple occasion but everytime the response was some, I would feel really Terrie but my face would be smiling and I won’t be able to control it no matter how hard I try, it’s really embarrassing trying to hide your face from people in these kinds situations.

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Bro trust me do not blame yourself for this because it happens with me too instead of laughing i just like stay normal like nothing is happening, i think it’s a way of coping mechanism of my body that it will delay sadness till the last moment .


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