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NightOfTemptati... @nighttemptation

So Here’s my story… everyone says there is someone out there for everyone,

But I can never find anyone who won’t destroy me.

is this truly the case? So I have been in many relationships with girls who lie, cheat, steal, and abuse to the point of depression and suicidal thoughts

I had an ex girlfriend who lived at the Isle of Wight. things were great. but I started to notice subtle signs. we moved in together down there and this when things went dark very quickly. I was locked in a room by her parents, no food. no phone. electric was turned off at night, I was only allowed out of the house if I was going to the beach gym. and I had to prove I had been there… she told me she was pregnant so of course I focused on her and her needs. After a while I managed to escape the Isle of Wight… one night her parents went to work. I packed my bags and left that night. ran an hour to the ferry station and boarded a ferry back to Britain.

at this time I had no idea of the manipulative side of her.

fast forward a few months. and we decide to move in together. we had not much money so decided to settle on a little flat. Little did we know this was a drug dealers house… at night the people downstairs decided they wished to Rob us and kick us out. so at 2am I phoned the police and advised what to do. worried for the poor child and for her safety. the police came in and took us away from there and to my house for safety,

Once home my mother started to grow suspicious. my ex had made me move away from my family and convinced me they were against me the whole time… so they devized a plan. they invited her round for dinner.

Once she had accepted we walked to my house  where my sister (a medically trained nurse)  had a pregnancy test waiting for her as she was convinced she was hiding something… she was, She was NEVER pregnant… it was all fakery. Once my mum questioned her on this she admitted that she wasn’t and that it “must have died” this was the final straw. she was shipped back to the Isle of Wight on a train and bought a ferry ticket home… that was the end of her

A few years later I learnt to love again, a wonderful woman we were together for 3 years!  and I thought she was the one. one day I decided I was going to surprise her after she had been to a festival,

I booked a taxi up to see her and went to visit her at the house  I texted her saying I was on my way- no reply.

Once I got there I saw her light on and shouted up. she came to the window and closed it… which i thought was a bit odd. no bother I shouted again.  nothing… a third time… nothing… I texted her to say spent the last of my money to get down and I was going to cook her a cooked breakfast.

I waited… and waited … and waited… she eventually texted back and my face dropped… “go home I don’t feel very well”. to which I replied I can’t. I had no way home… I was left out there all night in shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of a thunderstorm… a few weeks later I asked what it was about.

I asked my best friend what it was about…  she was cheating on me with him… on the day that my family pet had passed away(she knew this) She was in bed with my now ex best friend…
After we broke up I took a break and vowed only to date again if I thought I wa very sure my trust was broken…

I thought for the longest time I was free from abuse… but I was wrong…

Fast forward to just last week. I had been dating a woman since the 17th July 2021. so quite recent. and she was lovely. I gave her my world. I looked after her, treated her well. things were amazing, I felt like I could love again!

So what happened?

everything was fine for a while. Then one night me and her had an argument and at that point I wanted to move out. We both got angry and started to shout at each other. But that was about it…  She started screaming to get out so I packed my stuff ready to leave. her dad came blazing in and got really aggressive saying he wanted to hit me and stuff. To which point I said I wanted to go. He took my PlayStation off me after saying give it to him or he was gonna hurt me. At which point I was cowering in the corner as he got a knife out of the kitchen drawer. my ex tried to hold him back and he was screaming at me calling me this that and the other.

(Night 1)
At night me and her were asleep in our room and her dad heard something outside in the hallway. So he instantly thought I was spying on him. He came into our room in the morning and started shouting at me saying I was spying on me. He tapped me around the face saying I lied when I said I was sleeping the whole time and had not moved.

At that point I began to question if that would happen every night and if he got that aggressive every single night. What would be next! I then said to him I felt uncomfortable which he said he would never hurt me he was just testing me ect… things were fine for a few days when I still felt uncomfortable I said I wanted to leave. At that point he took my phone off me and my console saying I had to pay him £250 and to leave at 4 in the morning. I asked if I could have my phone to message mum and ask for the money. Once I received my phone I messaged my mum saying I felt unsafe and didn’t know what to do. At which point they contacted the police and asked for advice. The police’s advice was to take me away from the property to the police station until my parents could come collect me.

The police arrived around 3ish at night and picked me up. Took me away from the caravan. And asked me if I wanted to go back which of course I said no to.

When the police went to get my stuff he stated that I only had one bag. The blue one i have with me now and no other. Due to police not being able to enter they could only recover one. As of now my ex and her dad has began selling my clothes and my console.

I have received messages and calls from both of them saying that I had to pay them money to get my stuff back which I sent 50 over but nothing more. she and her dad phoned me and explained if I didn’t pay them my stuff would be burnt (her dad singing burn baby burn in the background while laughing)

I then stated I wasn’t going to send any further money over unless her father sent a picture of my stuff and apologised for the hurtful things he said to which he did nothing.

Since that my ex put up a tictock saying that I hurt her and ruined her life until I told her I had screenshotted it. She took it down shortly after. Now she’s said she’s going to ruin my life because of it.

She told me last night that she had a “miscarriage” and has had to be rushed to hospital as it may be “serious” I said good luck to her but I don’t wish to be in contact anymore with her. Due to what has happened. it felt like the Isle of Wight all over again, She’s told people I have hit her and abused her which is simply never true. I have never and would never hit a woman. let alone abuse them

anyway. truth be told I’m in the darkest of places now and would just love someone nice to talk to. I don’t know if il ever love again as I just can’t trust anything anymore… please, I’d there’s someone out there to talk to. I’d love to talk to you…

thank you for listening…

Jake. 25.

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softbolt wares @waressoftb...

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