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Elegant Girl @shekhawat__

So…here the day starts …with morning sunshine
I kept reminding myself that it is a the LIFE…where you have dark , exhausted and lonely nights …and you also a have a shining, cheerful and exciting morning…
This give me a lesson…whether you are having good time or bad time …it will pass … that sorrowful time can be turned into cheerful one…and vice versa.
So stop forcing yourself…and just be the present time … don’t feel regretful for the past and don’t be over excited for the future…
Be in the present…be in the moment…all kinds of emotions are necessary to be experienced…
Life is Incompleted without hapiness as well as sadness

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Joy @joyforlife

True ✌🏻
But you know, it’s the best habit of time, as much as bad time you are having, will pass.

But do you know what’s it’s worst habit?? As much as good time you’re having, will pass

Elegant Girl @shekhawat__



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