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So happy I found a place to vent. I know this is a long read. Read and reply if you want. Ask for more details if you want. I love talking to new people.

So recently I have started somewhat of a relationship with my bestfriend (of 6 years). We started off being intimate, which led to us gaining real feelings. Keep in mind, we have never looked at each other this way. We tried the intimate part and things just progressed. Right now I feel we both are on two different pages. I’m lets be serious and see where things go. She is on lets be serious and see where things go but also I’m going to still deal with my past relationships. Keep in mind, we tend to switch between friendship us and relationship us. She still tells me about her relationship problems and as her bestfriend I tell her to do what makes her happy although, deep down i feel like she should leave everybody else alone and be with me lol. We have a very honest relationship (which is scary because its rare to find this type of honesty) but she know I dont feel secure in own relationship, I feel like eventually she is going to end our relationship for a past one, and/or she’s only using me for her benefit. She insures none of things are true and that she will never hurt me in anyway buttttttt I know her very very well and usually my predictions are right. I can admit I over think like a mothafuckaaaa so I do wind up hurting my own feelings but Im not sure on what to do in this situation. I don’t want to build up any animosity against my bestfriend over relationship drama.

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Even if she puts in a 100% in your relationship, you’ll always have a doubt.
Communicate your feelings to her.
Her past relationships sinked. Being her best friend, you know the reason why. Be the change she wants in a relationship. You have that chance.
Express your feelings. If you are possesive for her, tell her.

This way even if your worst fears come true, you won’t regret not giving your 100% in the relationship.

Value your relationship, instead of gulping in the fear of losing.

Leyah Byrd @leyahb

Thank you for telling me what I needed to hear. The doubt will definitely always be there and that’s what I am afraid will ruin a relationship but also a friendship. I am willing to give my all to make it work but the fear is greater than… You’re absolutely right though, I already fear the worst so I mines well tell her exactly how I feel.




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