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Arin @arin

so. first time melodrama. i got asked if i wanted to date by a friendaaandi don’t know.idk if i wanna date them- how am i supposed to know ?
idk if i even find them physically attractive (i mean they’re, like, the nicest person, which makes all of this harder and i thought i wasn’t attracted to them but when they blushed i thought is was cute so now i’m confused),idk if i’m in the right stage healthwise to date (anxiety and mild depression),idk if i’d be dating ‘just to see’ or because “all my friends are dating/married” and it will be too much stress or just bad idea because i’m leaving next year and i got other shtuff do deal with,idk why they would want to date me in the first place, when i feel so gosh dang awkward since i noticed them liking me andWhatever i do, things gonna be weird and i finally had a group of adult friends to hang out with (who of course, seem to “ship us”, which is very uncomfortable)-- i should probably mention this is the first time this has happened to me since Junior High, so really don’t know how to dealwith thiss i t u a t i o n
(apologies if this sounds like a teen diary, i’m a adult, promise, which make this even weirder in a way, put this under ‘crush’ category because it seems like i’m the crush ? How do i deal with this ? help! ?? )

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Hey! Please don’t apologise for sharing your concern here. I would say that you should date someone only when YOU feel comfortable and you feel it’s right. There’s no point getting into a relationship only because your friends “ship” it. You need to be sure about yourself first and then think if you are in the right space right now to date. 
If you feel you are in the right state of mind to date someone, then think if they are the right person for you. If they are, go ahead. But if not, then


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