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β€ΊSelf Loveβ€ΊThought

Panchu @panchamir

So… Can someone tell me about what self respect and self love is? I feel so confused and less worthy. I used to go to therapy to work on improving my self worth and stuff but I haven’t been able to continue therapy for the last year. I want to go back on working myself but I feel lost. I’ve kinda started observing myself and I can see myself falling back into depressive episodes and feeling ashamed of myself.

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I am really happy that someone really makes efforts on improving themselves. Good job dear.
So you feel depressed and quite low confidant.
1. Firstly you need to pamper yourself. just be well presented, wear good clothes that give you confidence. Eat healthy things. Drink a lot of water.

2. Then, just detox toxic things, peoples, pages on social media, detox your home from unnecessary things. Just surrounded by positive things, will help you a lot for gaining confidence.

3. Do exercise Seriously. Drink Lots of water. Whenever you feel exhausted just drink water calmly.

4. Put small goals for each day and complete them. then give yourself a reward.

5. the MAin thing is to write down all your problems everything and then just burn. You feel light.

6. Meditate regularly. Do yoga.

7. Do what you enjoy the most. And watch motivational videos. Follow Motivational accounts.

8. Walk in nature. Nature has positive vibes so you can increase yours too.

9. Talk with someone open up yourself.
You are the CEO of your life so please don’t get lost by your emotions.

10. Work on your breath. Take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Breath 3 4 times whenever you feel frustrated. It will calm you down. Slowing down your breath improves your health so take a deep breath often.

And watch sunrise you feel positive instantly. Dont worry about anything. Just be yourself
And I know you can do it. You will gonna rocking very soon.
God bless you.

Panchu @panchamir


Thank you so much😊😊
I’ll definitely try them


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