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So basically, i recently rented a flat near my college, i was living with 3 unknown girls whom i quickly became friends with. One day we went out and while coming back at 2:30AM they decided to go to thier male friend’s flat. Now being in a relationship, i wasn’t comfortable with going to his flat. I couldn’t rent a cab this late at night so they offered me that their 3 male friends will drop me off. I wasn’t comfortable with going in a car with 3 random boys but i still did. Next time before we went out i asked them if they will come back to our flat with me, they said most probably they will but when we were returning they did the same as last time but this time i somewhat forced them to come home with me as I didn’t felt safe with any other option . Next day we had a huge fight and one of the girl said a lot of hurtful and embarrassing things to me. She was shouting really loudly and i did shout back but tbh sometimes i feel maybe this whole situation was my fault or maybe they were right, i shouldn’t have gone with them if i wasn’t comfortable.

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Jasleen K. @jasleen_kaur

Thanks for sharing on this platform first of all!
Secondly, it wasn’t your fault at all by sharing with your friends your discomfort and not giving into them. All these experiences keep coming in our life when we need to understand what decisions we need to take.


If you are not sure of whom you are returning with then you should not stay for that late at night. Absolutely it’s you friends’ mistake not yours. Anyone would feel unsafe for going with strangers.


If you plan to go that late again then interact with your friends’ male friends so that you become friends and feel comfortable next time.


Coming back so late is not safe at all, your safety should be your priority and I don’t think frnds like them will give you protection like that so you have to be the one who stands for herself. Try coming back at home early and avoid coming back with random boys because nobody knows what someone is thinking in their mind.


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