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Juicy Mander @jm456

So basically, I know a guy. So yesterday idk what came inside me…I confessed my feelings. First he told me not to joke but I doubled down (worst move ever) and told him I meant it. A while later I got embarrassed ( like shy embarrassed) and apologized. I told him I was embarrassed. He ignored my confession and just told me to not be embarrassed. He hasn’t opened my messages after that. I apologized for pressuring him in any way and he Said it’s okay chill.

I just wanna know what’s on his mind and just clear the air.
But idk how to approach this without coming off as annoying

Any advise or opinion will be appreciated!

5 replies

Hs is confused may be how to react yea phir he took u granted …

Or may be just may be he aint interested

Juicy Mander @jm456

That could be it…but isn’t it a bit immature to just ignore it and act like it didn’t happen


Haan wo toh he … But kya hi kar sakti ho …bas wait karna nd mind f* c k up karna is the only way🫠


Simple, he don’t see you in the way you see him, better buried down the feeling that you have for him


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