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So apparently after 5 years of relationship, my girlfriend accused me of touching her without her consent even though all what happened between us was consensual everytime(considering she is a feminist and too outspoken that she would have slapped me if I did anything without consent). So at this moment, this was a big blow to me that she questioned my character. I decided not to touch her not even in a friendly or non sexual way because it did hit my self respect big time.

I am blank right now and having anxiety as to what went wrong…

Please give your honest thoughts on this…

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What she said to you?


Pls stay away for sometime…it would be advisable…rest if after 5 years it is happening, moving out is better…


Ig it’s the girl fault …( No offense) to a five year relationship the understanding should have got better …!!

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Don’t touch her and make a new friends with girl you will get to know it’s totally ok girls don’t have problem guys touching them 5 years is too much you need to think about this

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David @davidcr7

Probably she is from arts , that’s my assumption.
And about what you should do is quite complex.

Listen, generally women have been taught about history, how man had inflicted damages on them, be it physical, sexual, emotional.
They are hypersensitive towards negative dimensions as compared to positive one.
Women generally have higher level of neuroticism which gets worse added by knowledge of history and her relationship with her family, probability not good.
Indeed history has taught us how cruel it was, which has definitely affected her to a certain degree that she has some level of misandristism and somewhere want domination in relationship thought there is a probability that she loves or probably she just love the fact that you love her, both are different.
I would suggest you to be prepared for the worse as if you would not leave her as you loves her , there is high possibility that she will unless she realise how her brain is controlling her.
There are other possibilities that she will fight you even though you would not have done anything.
People generally gets irritated by someone whose presence itself they don’t like.
In my opinion touching, in no way, was negative if you both have been in relationship for years.

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joonie @shykid

I do agree with this. Talk to her and ask if she has been through something that day which triggered for what she did. I’m sorry this happened. It feels bad. I hope you guys clear it out.


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