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So after being a girl who lived in the cocoon created by your parents and then at 21 breaking it to come out and be the independent woman u always dreamt of , I’m still wondering why I’m standing or want to stand inside the broken cocoon I don’t know how to explain this feeling of not getting on the path and starting the journey even after I choose the path

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thanks for sharing that
i totally understand that it might get weird and confusing at times and it might make you feel bizarre and i would say just hang in there, take it slow, and try to figure out your choices and goals better and then take your time to work on them.
also the fact that you lived that way for 21 years which is a long time so that coming out cannot just happen in a day, it will take time and patience. don’t worry mate just go for what works best for you and yeaa all the very best and take care.😄😄😄


Hey! Thanks for sharing what is inside you!
It’s absolutely fine, you know!
You don’t have to put yourself down for this!
It’s absolutely okay to take time and be with you parents although you want to be independent and stand tall on your feet asap. But, you see, if the path you chose doesn’t interest you enough to help you put in all your efforts with excitement and enthusiasm, the thing might not have your full interest or maybe you are made for something else, something bigger and better.

Please don’t put yourself down and please give yourself the time you need. Things will fall in place.


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