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So after 2 days is my exams. Even after preparing so much i am lacking in confidence. I have started to feel insecure about my studies if i will be able to copeup with the world. This literally gets a tear in my eyes. Plz suggest some methods to regain my confidence.

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A test doesn’t and can never define you as a person. All you can do is study and put in all that you got ! Keep pushing and keep moving forward. Change your routine, your habits … and have a positive mindset . These little things you do everyday will have a great impact in the long run. So don’t give up… keep pushing forward.


Hey there I feel u but don’t plz don’t let these emotions overcome u just go for the exams and don’t give a shit about the result and make urself frndz who’ll make u laugh even when at ur lowest and tbh Im feeling the same rn my exams are in 2 days and I had a breakup and I’m a complete mess I have migraine which just triggers for the slightest emotions I don’t want to make this about me I’m just saying that buddy I’m with u as well we’ll overcome it sure


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