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So a week ago I confessed my feelings to my crush. Mostly because I wanted to know where I stand with him. It was very frustrating to not know what to expect. I had been getting mixed signals. As a result, he told me that I am cute and sweet and as much he would love to know me more, he has other priorities and doesn’t want to focus on “these things”. And I do understand, that man literally has a lot of responsibility. Now I feel that life is always like that and it never lets us rest. There is a lot of responsibility on me too which are lesser than him, but I didn’t care about that before telling him my feelings. I know now that simply saying that it’s not the right time is just about delaying your happiness because we never really are free. I do understand that at this point when we both are young, career occupies the highest priority but that doesn’t mean that you can’t let yourself fall for someone and delay a possible happiness with them even if it isn’t among your top priorities. To me it feels like he either doesn’t like me at all or is afraid of it. I even told him that I wasn’t sure what I wanted since I don’t know him very well. I won’t try to rush things in any case and I was very honest with what I felt. Even I didn’t expect to find someone like him and it just happened. I didn’t want a relationship but he is the one person I was willing to consider that possibility with and I was hoping that it can turn into something beautiful. But even when I confessed it didn’t feel enough, he definitely did not make it clear if he ever felt something for me. I wanted to ask but then I thought what’s the use when he is not even ready to be in a relationship. I don’t know what to do now. We ended our chat that we will be friends and hw assured me that nothing would be weird between us but I don’t think it would help me move on. Also, I don’t want to lose him as a friend. It looks like a peaceful resolution but I don’t how it will turn out. A lot of confusion for me right now.


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One thing is clear. You are an honest person. I totally respect your feelings.
And you are right now overthinking about you n him being together also n not also.
You want to be in touch just that you don’t want to sound weird or crazy about him as you like him for his good reasons.

Its okey.
What to do next is you can do is look for the responsibility you have.? Maybe that can get through it or try exploring otjer areas of your priorities.
Maybe this can help.
Take your time no need to be in rush. Calm yourself. Take a break from thoughts.
And relax yourself.
And please take care of yourself.
And if you want to talk about it i m here.
Thankyou for sharing your feeling. It let me also understand. :)


Thanks… that’s what I have been trying to do these days. I do agree that I have been overthinking about this. But that’s the most difficult part to let go of.


I can understand. You are trying and it will pay it off. For sure. 🙏
Do take care of yourself.


First let me tell you, don’t let anyone or even yourself brand your thoughts as overthinking. It’s all genuine. He doesn’t seem that concerned maybe because he is not interested in the relationship business as of now, but you are. How is it overthinking then ? Your thoughts and concerns are genuine and legit Behen. I will say it’s very bold to stand up to your thoughts that you have done. And the point you made, “we are never really free to take up new happinesses in their time” is absolutely true. For now, we should believe that he is not interested in a relationship but likes you and wants to know you better. You can stay friends with him if it’s comfortable. Look at yourself, you felt something, you spoke up, similarly he should also have the right to say what he wants naa ? Not everyone will be what we want them to be with us, people take time to decide upon their thoughts. I would not say ignore and move on because that’s not okay or easy, but try to be busy, go out with your friends or do something that you like. If you wish to talk, you can always reach out


Well honestly that just made my day… Thank you so much🙂


Cheers !