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Since covid, I have moved back in with my parents. But their lifestyle is affecting me very deeply because I’m a sensitive person. They’re highly incompatible and my mom is constantly irritated by everything, keeps complaining all the time and dad is someone who isn’t very responsible and gets made fun of for his weird attitude by his peers and people around. It’s getting very hard to deal with for me. I feel overwhelmed and crushed due to it and am in constant mood swings and have relationship/toxic attachment issues due to their tumultuous relationship. There isn’t much communication happening between us and I’ve become withdrawn and subdued. My anxiety issues are popping up a lot more often off late. And owing to the fact that I’m an introvert, i don’t have many friends and in this town my social movement is limited. I have hobbies like reading that I’m not able to focus on. But I’m regular with my work and workout and those two sometimes keep me sane. But I want to work on being less affected by things like this and be more emotionally strong. Does anyone have tips for me?

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I have more or less the same situation…and sorry I cannot help you in anyway but to say to do your best and ignore them…since you like reading why don’t you try and focus finishing a long story?? I recommend one called “omniscient readers viewpoint” it’s pretty fun actually…I don’t know if it will fit your taste…just try your best.

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How about rewriting your narrative without the victim-thoughts. Taking full responsibility of your thoughts and feelings, practicing more compassion and forgiveness for your parents who are trying to deal with their own problems and finding your life purpose and working towards it with passion may help. To be emotionally strong, focus (meditate) on your own emotions and know that your ‘attitude towards your circumstances’ is the only thing in your control.


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