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Since childhood, I have had issue with people that I like not liking me as much. It is not just in the matter of romantic relationships but also family and friends. It affects me a lot when the feelings aren’t mutual in all cases. Is there something wrong with me?

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Simran @st1199

If someone doesn’t get along with you it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you but means you both don’t share the same interests or have understanding.

Try to indulge in those who share the same wavelength as yours and then get close in order not to get hurt.

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Tina Chawla @tinachawla

Hi! I understand how you feel. It’s okay to feel that way, it’s not ideal when our efforts aren’t reciprocated right? I read this one thing a few days ago, it said that we should ask people why they like/love us, and it helps us understand their love language. Love language is how one expresses affection, and everyone has a different one, so I think that could be a factor here. And as for the last part, there is nothing wrong with you! It’s okay to feel appreciated and loved in relationships. Hope this helps!


I hope u dealt well with that but staying in that situation is v difficult, anyways if u really want to overcome all these situations than invest time on urself, stay busy and focused on any skill u have, interests u have, one day or the other day it will bring success nd wit success comes the attention, love, hope everything… example learning music, painting, make something in kitchen if u r interested in cooking… Etc etc

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Trisman. @trisman

dude i understand your pain. at somepoint you will be understand people better and tell what they want so don’t worry about it!


i dont think theres something wrong. i think that ur just an introvert, or that u just havent found the right people to be around yet. but dont worry, it will all come on day


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