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Shynee @shynee_13

Since childhood I always dreamt of having a good life, a strong career, settled life partner. Today i am capable of working to achieve my goals, financially stable and indeed i have a very good life. But the thing that is still lost is love. I have been in relationships but it never lasted. I always make bad decisions. Even though after knowing that i am really genuine, it’s very sad to know that in such a big world, I don’t find the right guy for me. People are into fwb, dating and stuff. This generation is where i live but i am very old school. I believe in the destiny thing. But destiny is never in my favour. I am very happy that i experienced both good and bad things that helps me to understand people. Bit because of being way to emotional, i loose balance. Somewhere behind my dreams of being a successful independent women, i still carry fairytale in my mind, just like any other girl. I genuinely feel that love is beyond definition and that is what i want.

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nag reddy @nredddy9

There is a big world, just open hands and try to meet people. I am sure you will find. Connect me to chat more


You’ll find your destined one fr…have some faith and wait for right time with right person


I can understand. I can relate it to myself. The thing we can do is hope and believe, That you are worthy of all the happiness in this world.


Firstly there are some things you don’t have clarity on which is causing you to black out on certain aspects. Then what you’re trying to achieve is a very hard task for anyone so don’t be too harsh on yourself yet keep trying more. Date more interesting people and specifically those you want with clear intent. Also don’t compromise on anything else for this during the journey. Hope it helps, if anything is unclear ask away

Caminante @caminante

There is plenty of conservatives or religious guys out there that do that kind of relationship


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