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Sick of people telling me " you’re too skinny " , “eat something” . I like whatever hideous way i am and I don’t need you telling me shit

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Kavya Ganesh @kavyaganesh

People often don’t take skinny shaming to be at the same level of fat shaming. Both of them involve telling a person that the way they look isn’t “right”, so they’re both equally bad. Never change yourself for someone else, sweetheart. And hey, I think you’re beautiful and strong for standing up to it, I’m proud of you.

Siddhant @siddhantraisikand

Hey, just because they say you’re too skinny doesn’t make you hideous. It’s their judgement which is at fault. People pass on comments without even thinking how it would feel if they were in the same place. You’re amazing, keep standing strong! :)


You’re a miracle built in your mother’s womb , don’t let anyone make u think otherwise.


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