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Rish H (Rishy) @richer_cha...

Should expenses be split by married couples? (Both are earning money working, male earns 2x of female)

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It doesn’t really matter actually, if you think your money is his and his money is yours. But if you think his money is yours but not ready to share your part of money to prove you’re independent. I’m sorry this is in no way I’m trying to put you down or show that women are mean once they’re independent. I was just saying the reality. That some women do that. But if you’re proud that you are earning too. I think he should be proud that his wife earns and split the bill proportionately unless you want it otherwise🤗


Saare ke saare paise ek jagah aggregate karo…then usme se kharch karo…
Ab ye kisi ke paise nhi hai …blki dono ke hai…jo saving bche …usse dono ke decision se invest karo…ya jo kuch bhi karna ho

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Asunder @asooh

Split it, I’d say equally but since the husband earns 2 times more than the wife, id say around 30:70


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