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Shivering while typing this. This incident happened to me (I am male) and my cousin (female) quite back in our childhood, happened multiple times and have never spoke about it untill now. And, yeah, we both were sexually assaulted by our elder brother, in different occasions, while we were in asleep. That bastard thought that doing things etc to us he would not know, but yes it happened to me multipletimes, and my cousin too which is even more traumatic to her. i have realised in the recent past that what happened to me was wrog and i was denying and did not care about this, and recently two days ago my cousin confessed about it and i went numb. i just dont know what else to say, it is disgusting that that person is leading a happy and dignified life and we are suffering here, and this happened in family, now i see a root cause to all our mental problems, i just dk im so sorry if anyone has become uncomfy just wanted to let it out. thank you for ur love and support.

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