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She’s gone. The girl I’ve liked for 2 years is moving. I haven’t even started moving on. It’s an obsession. She’s moving hundreds of miles away. I don’t have her number, Snapchat, or anything. We weren’t even friends. She was my first love, and now she’s gone. The amount of tears, screams, panicks, for nothing. How do I move on? How CAN I move on? Can I even move on…

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Hii… i would like to share side of the story about my crush on this guy who was in 11th grade. He was in my school bus and we were friends . Family friends to be exact.And one day like any other normal day he was passing by my class and he smiled at me . i smiled back not thinking much of it . [i was his friends sister too]. then i thought i saw him wink at me . And believe i know the exact moment i thought i fell in love. well it wasn’t love when it went crashing down. this continued for at least a year. my friends convinced me to reveal my feelings to him. it went haywire . he threatened to hurt my closest friends and me .he did not even bat an eyelid while saying this. and the worst part is i did not even see that he was toxic to my friends . i still thought it came as a suprise to him that i had feelings for him. well i took my time and finally realised it . my friends helped me see it… and i am soo very grateful to that. shoutout to all my friends . i have also not disclosed some details due to personal reasons.🤗

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Shreya Gupta @shreya

Her moving away is a new beginning for you too. Now that you know she is gone, you are open to the possibility of meeting someone else! And who knows, maybe it’s going to be beautiful. As for her, she has moved away now. She might (or might not) come back someday. But till then, you have a beautiful life ahead of you with immense oppurtunities. Grab them.


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