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Blurry @blurry_tl

She said, “We should take a break and give ourselves more time to think about our relationship and make a decision.”

I responded, “I don’t like the idea of taking breaks when nothing is going wrong, but since you mentioned it, you can take one. I won’t mind, and text me whenever you think it’s time to talk. I won’t send you the first text.”

She explained, “I just want to be sure about us and make sure that this is not just a fling. I’m doing it for our betterment; please don’t take it otherwise.”

I replied, “Sure, take care.”

She started typing for too long but never sent anything….🤦‍♂️

Bc 2 weeks ho gaye, uska msg nhi aaya and I am missing her so badly

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Rahul R Nair @elite_gentx

Red flag. Give space, take a break, for what? Want to think about us, for what?
Don’t go behind her, and let her go.
Be prepared for a breakup (maybe you never breakup, but as a precaution, be prepared).

We never ask our parents for a break or space, for me relationships are like family. There is no concept of taking a break.

With a lot of experience, I’m saying (like an advice to the old me) , just leave and be prepared for the bad.

It’s a big red flag. You did the right thing of not pleasing or begging. Half won, the other phase depends upon you. I was in extreme depression for the last 1 year due to a situationship like this, so that I’m advising you, stay away. Don’t be like the old me.

Even you are in pain, just keep the attitude, and stay away. Detatch.

You are not a machine to switch off and on when they need. If your needs are denied, its a redflag.

. @shiny_oxygen_3

You have been with her , you know her more than us. Everyone here will judge her according to their situation it’s better to make your own decisions in this situation. If you believe her then text her Maybe things will get better.

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chittu_Chitresh @moon_chittu

I don’t text her . Or otherwise if you keep text her. It will repel her more … and more give yourself time and her to … did you people decide the time of break . Upto then don’t or if not . Try after a month one text only


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