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Shadi k baad partner se expectations rakhna sahi hai ya nai I have honestly kept expectations of us going on vacation yaha waha ghumna trips wagera but what if vo nai karpaya
And vo interested hi nai hua toh ghumne main like I am
Muje Darr lagta hai ki jaisa socha h waisa nai hua aur expectations vs reality difference hua toh mai kaise deal karpaungi

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You never know 😪


Ab dekho reality aur expectations humsha alag he rehti hai par still you can just discuss and talk about it with your partner then there wouldn’t be any issue in it

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Lmao im still a teenager but i can say this. Isiliye it is said to discuss it with ur partner before u get married. Your plans and ideas and expectations from tge marriage lmao

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potato 🥔 @lazy_panda1524

First thing first …don’t overthink…over of anything is wrong just go with the flow and tell your partner about your wishes ❤️


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