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Dhaaranee.k @dhaaranee

Seeing my weight in the weight scale has now become directly proportional to my self confidence and not giving a thought about what others will think .

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No one thinks anything… it’s all in our mind…just be happy give everyone a reason to b ahppy

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igottabekidding... @heartonthesleeve

Thanks for opening up to us at Now&Me!
There is only one small tip for you, “view yourself as a third person”. If you had a girl come up to you, who seemed a little on the heavier side, would you immediately equate her ‘worth’ to her ‘weight’?
Confidence comes from within. It is a mental state of feeling in control of your surroundings, feeling prepared for what life has to offer, feeling comfortable in one’s skin and body-type. What you’re trying to do is fit into the fake and unhealthy ‘body standards’ that our media has created for us. Let me remind you, you have to embrace yourself to ever be successful. Once you change your opinion about yourself, everybody else’s opinion about you changes too and that adds on to your confidence. Do not wait for approval of your weight/body type or looks. Approve yourself and let people know how much you have to offer. As you will push yourself beyond concentrating on your body, the results will increase your confidence. Just be a little more mindful of your lifestyle and consciously choose healthy diets, cut on the carbs, and exercise moderately. Pursue health, not perfection. Do not equate your self confidence to your body weight. Your worth is within your mind, not in your physicality.


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