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School makes me depressed :(

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Aashima Sharma @aashima

Hi love! School can be very very intimidating. You to face a lot of issues that drain you emotionally and mentally but trust me you’ll get through it all. You’re doing amazing and even if you just decide to wake up and go through the day…. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You’re loved and worth it!! ❤️❤️


Thank you so much, I really hope I can over come this <3


Yeah not everyone likes everything but try something good to go on …
Btw it’s your time now cause in this pandemic schools are closed


you are lucky my school hasn’t closed yet, idk what I can do there to make me space off my mind. Just being there is enough to ruin my day.

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anonymous @literally_me

Ok connect with me and tell why don’t you like school and maybe I can find a solution for you


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