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School is a place where we come to know what being with others is felt like. But parallel to it I also learned how to be with others without actually involving the other person , I also learned that how we can just imagine a person to be with us , how we can be happy with the thoughts of that moment , I learned to smile more , I learned to love someone without having a reason to, I learned to think and all because of that person Yes that person was sorry, is my crush but fortunately I haven’t confessed it to her or, why should I ? everything is just so perfect and that’s the best thing about crushing on someone. Going early to school just to get a seat near her, wating for her to come , smelling the same perfume every day but feeling different everytime, trying to talk to her , seeing dreams of being together, watching her dancing in school carnivals ,thinking of sending her a text , having hers as well as her family members phone number just in case, thinking of giving her a gift ,just thinking that she might have seen me sometimes staring at her and feeling so embarrassed about it , seeing her in saree at the farewell party , thinking of pursuing the same career as hers, thinking of studying together after school, thinking that she might be interested in me too,praying that she should not end up with some other guy, thinking that one day I will confess her everything but why should I ? Because everything is just so perfect .❤️

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Awww, my wee littul heart…it really is so perfect this way. I really hope your life works out well and gives you as much happiness as your crush gives you. God bless.

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Kapil Agrawal @kapil15a


Anthony @anthony

How will you ever know if you dont make a move?..and have you ever asked yourself if this is just a crush or something more serious? dont want to waste your time or her time if youre gonna someday get bored…and you dont want to get your feelings smashed if she doesnt feel the same about you…what if down the line you see someone else you like?..what if youre moving too fast?..if you take too long to tell her and find out how she feels youll lose her to someone else…and if you do tell her but the thrill wears off and you see someone else youd like to be with…then this will all have been a waste of time and emotion…if youre an adult…what are you waiting for?..if youre not an adult yet…then give yourself some time to figure out if you are truly ready for something more serious than puppy love…both of your feelings are on the line…NO GAMES.

Khushboo @khushboo

Crush makes our life interesting and beautiful. Everything is going in a perfect manner.
I hope it will work out well and give you a lot of happiness ahead in life. All the best .

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey… Its so beautiful how you keep everything down here. Whatever you said was so reletable .i think we all did these things in our school and seriously i have a smile on my face reading this. 
It make me nostalgic that yaa even i used to think this way . 😊

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Kapil Agrawal @kapil15a



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