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Scared to sleep.
I accidentally started watching the fandom Cartoon Cat.
Now if you don’t know what that is, you can search it up but beware, If you don’t like Canibalism, Do Not Search It Up. It’s kinda like Canibalism but it’s a giant cat eating humans?
So I’m too scared to sleep because of this fandom and I feel like I’m gonna have nightmares about it. I just want to forget it!!
And I can’t stop thinking about cartoon cat saying “they always scream” from a video I watched. It makes me so scared I just don’t want my life to get any worse.
Someone please tell me how to just forget about it.


Post anonymously?

Happens to me every time I watch a horror genre movie. I was told to not watch because of my immense fear and imagination and it was hard to sleep so I basically had to force myself to.
Honestly, it is well said not to watch such a genre because it leads to stress, anxiety, insomnia; for some it leads to heart problems. So shut that damn thing away. Like it can be addicting and all but don’t give so much to your brain, its painful. Watch nice happy films which is more related to life, it helps in dealing with it like try replacing crazy cannibalism with good ones.