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Samajh ni aarha m kya feel kr rhi hui abhi. Aj ek bhut ajeeb chiz hui m phone band krke sone k lia leti hi thi ki mummy raat me upr aayi dawai khane kuki unke teeth me dikkat ho rhi thi pura muh suj rha tha… or dawai khate hue unke gale me goli atak gyi… or vo ajeeb trha se khasne lagi unko saas aana band ho gya or vo chalte hue mere pass ayi awaj dene ka try kr rhi thi pr m unki awaj sun ni pai unhone mere upr pani feka pani mere muh pr gira m achanak daar gyi kya ho gya… m khadi hui unse pucha kya hua unhone isharo me btaya goli fas gyi… m turant gilas le kr rasoi ki taraf bhagi pani lene… pani laa kr diya tb unko saas aaya bhai bhen niche se bhag kr aaye mummy ko pani pene k lia bola or bathaya thoda pith pr haath mare tb jakr goli gale se nikli. Samajh hi ni aaya ek dm se kya hua vo ajeeb se feeling or daar maan me beth gya… thodi der baad bhai bhen unko niche le kr gye mere to maano hath per se jaan hi nikal gyi ho. Vo ek paal itna bhari tha ki sari duniya mano ulti ho gyi ho meri. Maan me bs yhi tha agr kuch ho jata ho kya hota.

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Yrr mere sath be aisa hi kuch hua tha, mtlb meri behen ko waha current lag rha tha wo chilla bhi rhi thi (dheere se) par mere dimag ne jaise kuch process hi Krna band kar diya ho fir kuch seconds baad maine usko jhatke se dur pheka aur ajeeb sa darr lagne laga fir toh, kya situation ho gyi thi na ki kuch samajh hi nhi aa raha tha kya karu kya nhi…πŸ₯ΊπŸ€§

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