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Natalie @pisces16


Think about what’s making you sad. Is it something you can control and change ? Or no? If not, you have full control of how your perceive that emotion.

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Just wanted to make it simple like write down what makes you sad people, situation ,work anything and just see what can you control and what not.
I’m purposely replying to this comment because the idea she Gave I just want to make it simple
I hope you won’t mind it


listen, u beautiful, u dont have right to be sad. how could you? god has made u like a diamond and a prettiest one, u are soo cute a wannna just stretch your checks until it turns read, I could eat u, your a delight to the eyes… never ever evveeerr dare to be sad you are a precious gift… if u will be sad what will happen to flowers or the birds, just think about that, buy a chocolate fav one, look for a comedy movie and laugh like a flower blossoms… don’t u dare to be sad

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You made my day 🥺❤️ thank you so much


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