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My parents are behaving very weirdly as they can not understand I am working on my phone. I can’t do anything according to my own , I was forced to live my according to them. I’m a working woman as software engineer and I need to deal with my manager,team lead and seniors. I don’t know how to do work from home as I’m feeling like a 2 yrs baby who doesn’t know what to do.

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Hi Raksha, this work from home situation is new for all of us, be it you, me or our parents. They probably don’t understand that you’re working on your phone or probably don’t realise that while working you need your time and space. I believe it’ll be best if you try and have a conversation about this with them. Very calmly talk to them and try to explain what you’re doing and feeling. Tell them that you need to deal with a lot of people from office and that you need to do it via your phone. They will understand you, I’m sure. Just try putting your point forward to them.


If you have laptop, use web version of whatsapp instead of using inn phone.
I understand few team/ managers prefer whatsapp as a mode of communication.
But parents don’t really understand that.

And try to talk to them Although you cannot really know in which direction it may blow. All parents are syntactically same.

Tell us how it goes


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