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My girl friend got angry over a triffling issue 2 mnths back and she blocked me from every where but after 2-3 days i am trying to calm her down through writing mail and letters so slowly she stared talking to me once in a week so i thought one day i will sort out everything. But a week back she was in my city so request her for meeting and she denied on everyrequest. When she left my town i request her to please be normal in relationshio she said i moved on and u should. We cann’t more than a friend.

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So do you think you need a dum help of someone who says “ki kuch nhi hota hai baadme sabh thike ho jaayega”. Or do you want to be that cool boy back before she affected you.
Think on this buddy you got your answer.
And please if u want to take revenge don’t do that it would be more of making fool of yourself, as wasting on a thing where even she don’t want to continue with.
See before she breakup you had feelings for her and even up till now i think you have so y turn it into a hatred one just forget thing and don’t go behind to that girl and requesting her, just keep up your self respect and enjoy your beautiful life further.