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I loved a guy, I still love him but he lied to me everything and I still love him so I just forgave him. I m asking him just to correct his mistake but he is not doing it for me. I know i should leave him but how I loved him so much please someone talk to me and help me. He is my only frnd lover enemy everything. I m not even in Instagram and facebook because I wanted only him in my life and now he is not with me. Please someone talk with Me.

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If that person is toxic for you then you should move on, I know it is THE TOUGHEST THING in the world but believe things will get better. I had gone through the same thing a year ago even though sometimes I still miss her, I know for a fact she is not the one for me and good things are waiting for me in the future. HOPE is the is just a four letter word but this word has the power to make a person go through every obstacle in life.

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj

Moving on from someone you truly loved can be tough but at times but it is required. He is not putting in effort to have you. You deserve someone who will put in effort for you.I know it’s tough but trust me, start focusing on yourself, do the things that you love, spend time with family, start a new project, dream big. Release the past, take the lesson, focus on your present and remember good things are coming your way.


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