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Himanshu @himanshujangra

Sach mei yaar… Ek to Government Job or dusra is sharma ke ladke ne zindagi kharab kr rkhi hai… Jb dekho gharwale bolte hai sharma ji ke ladke se kuch sikh… Sharma ka ladke ye kar rha hai vo kar rha hai… Sharma ji ladka na hogya bhgwan hogya… Or ye insan hai ya machine jab dekho kuch na kuch krta rhta hai… Ye thakta nhi hai kya… Bs ek din ye sharma ka ladka kisi ladki ko bhaga ke le jaye us din kahunga apne baap se ki ye bhi sikh lu sharma ke ladke se…

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Himanshu @himanshujangra


Bs kar pagle ab rulayega kya… πŸ₯ΊπŸ«‚


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