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rn its 12.16am The 6th of October
i cant really sleep , i havent been able to sleep lately ever since i broke up with Fatimah 🥺 its been really hard for me we broke up almost 3 months ago and still i cant forget her she loves a guy named ilyas and when we broke up she didn’t tell me she loves him . she just told me that there is a reason i thought it must be family situations but few days ago i found out that she loves a guy named ilyas she msged one of her friend saying that she doesnt love me and all and loves that guy ilyas i was shattered that day . days passed i tried to forget her but i just cant

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See i understand how that is …but be thankful that u are not in relationship with her now rather than being in two timing. Breakup depression is common there is particular alternate than accepting the truth and moving on . Keep yourself busy with stuffs so u dont get to think abt her . This is the best becz now there is nothing you can change . Focus on yourself ,love yourself , cherish yourself with self-love. There is nothing greater than self-love . Motivate yourself becz no one is gonna be there to remind you .
Be optimistic that you can change yourself .


Thank you for cheering me up and understanding me i really appreciate you i will try everything possible to feel happiness again in my life


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