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misty @its_misty

Right now I’m in a situation where I can’t say anything to anyone. Like I’m in a kind of toxic relationship. Where he decides what will I do.
He’s genuinely playing with my feelings. I just adapted a habbit of talking to him daily nd if he doesn’t talks with me I feel so frustrated nd he knows that very well
He want that I shouldn’t talk to anyone besides him. Like that’s not possible
He also don’t want me to spend time with my frnds . Evertime he doubts on me why?
Coz he doesn’t have trust in me if there is no trust why didn’t he leave me?
I said him to leave me but he’s not at all ready
In his terms he called it (possiveness)
But I think if you’re in a relationship the first thing is trust nd if you don’t have that there is no mean to be in a kind of relationship.
😞whatever he demanded I always try to fulfill it I never sayed no for anything for him I start ignoring my frnds coz I don’t want to face the consequences but now I’m literally fucked up…
Now he wants me to block all my male frnds even the male boys in my instagram followers he said that whenever you’ll blocked them all I ll start talking to you but until then I’m not gonna talk to you…

A person cannot talk

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Swotter @kskarthik

What sort of a relationship is this?It clearly shows he is very sexist person. It’s better to leave such a relationship where he doubts so much and not trust.

misty @its_misty

Yeah I was also thinking the same but he’s not at all ready to leave me

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Swotter @kskarthik

Please do not extend this relationship. Its not called possessiveness it’s control and no trust. It’s not a healthy thing to be in.


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