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Lia @leelia

Right now, after locking myself in the room wanting to cry because of the way I was treated by someone I think of him, my favorite person, the one who always supports me and shows me love, I think “he’d never do this to me, he would never say something like this” that makes me feel much better suddenly. Like, why do I care about this one person when i have plenty of other ppl who know how to treat me better, who understand me. Knowing there’s someone out there who would come to me right now if they could, give me a hug, hold me tight and let me know that it’s gonna be okay, that I haven’t done anything wrong and this is not my fault. Someone who can give me the love i never got from those who were supposed to, to know that there is indeed a place i can call home , a safe place where i can be myself, that makes me feel at ease , it calms me down at moments like this.

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Days like this makes you stronger and prepared to fight for life/love.

Mohammed @kashif123

Other them thinking of him think of yourself first make yourself happy no one would bring you smile on yourself other then you

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INFINITY @infinity0407

I can understand you… Trust me, it’s gonna be alright… Everything is going to be fine… Stay strong girl


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