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Akash Dalal @skybroker

Remembering all the good thing just give us the joy and a sense of living. That this is not the end. This is just the start of what we have to know, the people suffering from the current situation and the people crying out of pain without even making a noise that’s our mental health it is the worst affected in this situation, I urge you to look for the support or talk to the people you know or care about or even seek medical help. it is okay too seek thorough professional help. Giving yourself Priority is not bad at all. But I know one thing is I am not going to give up, not now for at least and i want you people to know that there is a help you can get.
β€œYou just need to ask for it?”, there is noting bad in it.
it will only make you feel more comfortable and less stressful for the time being. Mental health is something we all know but we aren’t talking about. It is one those phase were people don’t want to go but the mind inside our body has being so much through that it just get along with it and people don’t even know about it. If people can only just do a tiny bit of part that can help them to not drown is by LISTENING TO THEM. They just need someone to be HEARD. Showing and being Emphatic and Kindness doesn’t make you a weaker person it only makes our emotions and sense of being alive STRONG.
I hope you have a good time with your loved ones.
Stay safe. Stay Health.
and Wear a Mask.

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This is a wonderful statement. Louder for those who didn’t hear it! :D
PS, are you OK?


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