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Ritvik @simple_9907

Relatives are worsening my situation

So actually I’m a 24 year old guy and my cousin is 36 years old. We weren’t that much close till covid. But covid really changed things. He became like mg best buddy we use to hang out together and go to a long drive together. That used to be fun.
But today he got married, I’m happy for it. I’m happy for him that he finally got married even though somewhere it hurts that we cannot be the same like before, but I’m genuinely happy for him.
But my relatives and other cousins who married are making me feel desperate that I’ll be alone and they say things like with whom u will hang out. I’m already feeling sad and these comments are making it even worse.
How do i overcome this?
I mean i know that I’ll miss him, they don’t have to remind me that every time.
I just want to vent out.

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Alone Wolf @unsorted_boy

First stop listening to everyone shit . And think with your mind and make some new friends 🙂

Ritvik @simple_9907

I’m trying.

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Join him on dinner

Ritvik @simple_9907

Will he? Now that he’s newly married, if i still behave like he’s bachelor then I would be a third wheel, but what does his wife think?

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Join them. Make with both of them. So that she doesnot feel insecure


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