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I just need to ask that how does a relation stables?
Why does couples don’t understand each other in a relationship after spending years and years together? Why is there a chance of breakup in a relationship or a chance of divorce in case of marriage after spending so much time with each other?
Is it really true that even after spending time with each other and knowing each other for so long can not remove the fear of losing each other in a sudden?
These queries are just useless as i know i can only experience it though to understand it completely, but still any reasons for any of the above question?
Is having a relation with our loved ones for a long period of time really cautious for us mentally, physically and socially? it isn’t i guess.
But it is so painful to actually see people you know being together for so long now having a completely off arguments leading to divorce or breakups. It hurts when those people are your very close ones.

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Simran @st1199

What you asked are valid questions and actually to think about.

1. The more we know each other the more comfortable we get with each other in a relationship. The more comfortable the more it becomes sort of Best Friends let’s suppose. Now in friendship, you don’t have a “commitment” unlike in a relationship where you two are together for a purpose and wish things to workout. So, when things get kind of out of hand that we rather than focusing on the relationship focus on other things, and the ‘taking for granted’ thing kicks in. Are you able to understand my point? This doesn’t happen every time and in every relation. But can be a possibility. Misunderstanding is the second thing that happens over a period of time when you are not the same person as you were when you both started dating. That thing irritated some people. Cheating can be a cause considering one gets bore of the other.

2. In a Marriage everything is not “being together” but has certain external factors as well. The families involved, the respect given to each family. Some don’t care about their wife/husband in front of their parents when they know they are wrong and their partner is right. This thing of not respecting and taking a stand makes it end. Some don’t love the idea of a Woman working after marriage or she discovers later in life because at the time of marriage you show a good image. It leads to disrespecting the individual’s career decision and being nonsupportive.

In either of the cases, it ends or it works out. It totally depends on the understanding/compatibility between them and how they want to live together by adjusting and accepting each other’s decision and keeping their EGO aside.
I hope it helped! 😄


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