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bhasavani @devil6273

Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together

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I’ve been hurting myself for the last 3 months trying to put the pieces back together 😂

broken 💔 @keep_smiling

And I’m also hurting myself from last 2 months i don’t know why I can’t move on


Guess we’ll never know why it’s so difficult. I hope one day I get up and I’ve just moved on. Just like that, everything about her is gone from memory 😅

broken 💔 @keep_smiling

But how dude


It will not happen, I just hope it does.
But what I’ve learnt is we have to go through this phase also. We were happy when in that relationship, now that it’s gone we have to deal with this sadness also. Whatever it is, you just have to learn to go through it, however long it takes and how hurtful it is.

broken 💔 @keep_smiling

Why people always cheat kind hearted person i never hurt someone never ever but why would I 😔

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