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I always found relationships interesting and i certainly believe that is one of the most important thing in our life like we need to first understand it i believe relationship is most difficult thing to maintain because then you need to learn patience and understanding which is quite difficult and also remain that you both are in same team and sort out those things and look when we are in relationship we found plenty of peoples attractive and sometimes it is quite hard to stay in relationship due to other lurative options but starting a relationship is easy it is like writing on wall but maintaining a relationship and always staying in a relationship and it look like writing on water but that is all life is like that

Post anonymously?

So trueeeee❤

Yeah it is i actually experience it


Sameee!!! Its been more than 2yrs i have been dating now and i just had some arguments with him…i shared this with him and i just hope everything will be sorted after this!

It will be okay if you both eventually talk with open mind look communication make things better so talk freely and enjoy


I guess relationship are not meant in a way in which you have to try to understand.

I think relationship nowdays meant to just some mutual benefits or either just spend time with each other