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Recently, my friend told me about the Google Code-In program. She explained to me how it worked and the rewards we got if we completed the tasks that we claimed. I was really excited to try it out, it felt like a great opportunity. I claimed one task, and I wasn’t able to do it on time. I got a few elements but couldn’t understand how I was to put them all together. Not a problem. But then my friend told me to go for an easier task, for instance, designing a logo or poster for the task organisation. When I searched for those, it turned out that I couldn’t claim the tasks for some stupid reason. Perhaps it was because those were the easier ones, a lot of people had taken it up, and they weren’t permitting more people to enrol. But it’s highly annoying. This has nothing to do with Google, or its program, or any of the organisations affiliated with this initiative. It’s something I’m extremely frustrated about, mostly the fact that I’m not able to complete the tasks AND that I’m not getting a t-shirt.

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but isn’t it great that you got a chance to be a GOOGLE code-in programmer??? And it’s okayy if you couldn’t complete the taskkkk. You must’ve learnt a LOTTT in the process, I am sure. You will definitely do better next time!!!

Khushboo @khushboo

Hello, don’t worry if u didn’t complete it. But most important is that you tried it and learnt something new. All the best for next time.


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