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Recently my friend introduced me to her childhood friend. We talked for a few months but it was just casual talks then we started to get more close and now I think I kinda developed a small crush for him. I don’t know if it’s really a crush since I have zero dating experience or love interests? I’ve mainly focused on my studies (I’m currently 19) also I’m asexual and I’m not quite sure about my romantic orientation. So I don’t really know how… Having a crush feels like?
What I find attractive in him is his personality and voice? … We both have a lot of similarities… He’s a lot understanding and sweet. Whenever he compliments me I kinda feel all flustered? But I kinda get all blushy whenever someone compliments me.
Appearance wise he isn’t like my ideal type but personality wise he is?
I don’t really know if this is how we feel towards our crushes?
I think it would be quite helpful if I know what romantic attraction is because I always tend to get both platonic and romantic attraction confused?

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It’s okay you can contact ur friend who introduced to his friend childhood. The feeling u have for him is real having crush is same thing as having feelings. Having a crush feels like u wanna spend your whole entire life with that person not only having sexual thoughts. You do care about him u just don’t know it. You gotta experience your feelings to him and ask him i have crush on you but u can please show me what love is. And u said ur 19 years old but I don’t if you are boy or girl


I can’t really tell my friend about it because I’m afraid that it would make things awkward. Like I don’t know… I’m in a way hoping that these feeling would kinda die because I’m not ready for a relationship and neither is he because he actually yold me once about his past relationships and how he would feel more broken if another future relationship of his fails?
I tried really hard to keep distance for a while and I kinda feel like my friend feels a bit awkward when we three talk together. She is a great friend and sometimes she says stuff like “I’ve known his for a lot of time, we shared everything” kinda stuff. And I’m cool with that, I think she might be telling me to draw a line indirectly? Idk if it’s that or my overthinking.
But thanks for clarifying a lot of my thoughts. I was really confused about these feelings as they felt foreign to me.
And I’m a girl

Sanket @sanket

Crush/love, each individual has their own kind of feeling. Let’s keep aside the romantic angle for a bit. The bond that you share, cherish it, make him a good friend of yours, don’t keep any expectations at the end expectations are meant to hurt. Take your time enough time, eventually, yourself are the one who will answer your question of love. You are just 19, of course being social is a must to develop skill but also keep track of your studies, be organized and also develop other skills in different aspects of life. Dont know if i am helpful here or not but always be clear and respectful


Thank you. I will try my best.


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