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Recently my friend group cut me off, it’s been really hard, I try to talk to people but I just feel like I have no one, these were people I considered family for a few years and one day one of them just straight up told me “I don’t like you anymore” I was absolutely devastated, I had my flaws just like anyone but I always tried to do what was best for them and put them first, it’s just so hard because now I feel like I have absolutely no one and it crushes me because I was so close with one of them that they went on family vacation with me, I try to forget about them but I always see something that reminds me of past memories of them and then I fall back into sadness, we used to have sleepovers every weekend and talk every day and now we are strangers, although they weren’t blood related I truly felt like I lost 2 members of my family, I feel absolutely devastated and thank you to anyone who read this and heard me out

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Hey, it is okay to feel the way you feel. I guess one thing that you may have to learn to deal with (it’s easy to say but I assure you once you acknowledge this you will feel better) is that friends come and go. And this happens for a reason, because friends are in a way assets to build you up as a person, to teach you about life. Sometimes we get a little emotionally attached to people but when the time comes, we have to let them go. But friend, I hope you stay strong and continue to make friends because I assure you, one day you’ll find the friends who will really stay with you forever. It is never your fault that your friends left you, but rather their fault that they could not appreciate you for the amazing person you are. Hope this makes you feel better. If you would want to talk to me more, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my DMs @zachlhongsern. I’m not trying to gain clout for this, but if you really need someone to be there for you, I can help with that.


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