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Recently, I’ve been getting insomnia. This is the first time this has happened. I don’t know how or why I am getting it. I searched it and up and I think it’s due to stress over AP exams. Does anyone know how I can make this better? Please help, I really need to focus and study but I can’t because of my insomnia. It causes me to be really sleepy and I get migraines during the day so I can’t focus properly and it’s getting hard to memorize material for my tests. I usually have a regular sleep schedule (no naps in the daytime), and I don’t drink coffee.
Thank you!

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I recently had this problem and I went to the doctor to get blood work done. It showed that I had deficient vitamin D levels. I started going outside in the sun more and taking supplements and it surprisingly helped me after a couple weeks.
If you’ve been indoors studying most of the day, I would recommend you take a brief walk at least once a day and get some vitamin D in. Maybe it can help?

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I also have insomnia and I have had it for like a year and it sucks tbh. Buuuut I basically have it bc I get stuck on YouTube and discord Soo I’m not sure if I actually have It but you could try sleeping during the day when your tired then going to sleep and your usual bedtime (I don’t really have a bedtime -w-) I’m not really that type of person who gives tips so I hope it helps- btw I’m new here soooo

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And if you feel tired during your school times (even though it’s summer lol) try going to the nurse and let you rest I’ve been to the nurse a few times for when I’m tired and during track to exercise I sometimes sit down to take a break my coaches don’t mind but it is totally fine for you to take a break. You need rest too. (haha I’m definitely not an athletic person so I’m always tired) so when you are feeling sleepy and tired just take a break. Hope this helped ^^


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