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Recently I’ve been feeling like a failure because I can’t get good grades. I have no focus in online school and the English teacher is being even worse then she was at actual school. I just don’t want to let everyone down.

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I’ll tell you one thing. Understand this very clearly: YOUR MARKS DO NOT DEFINE YOU!

Your marks do not make you a failure or a success in life. They are insignificant. Good grades are not everything in life.

What ultimately matters is: Are you a good person? Are you a kind and loving person? Do you care about other people and their emotions? Are you empathetic?

This is what matters. You getting good grades won’t make this world a better place but you being a good person will.

Please do not let your marks define you!

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Online school can be hard to focus on. You’re not the only one who feels that way. Maybe your English teacher is feeling the same way about it, and is not able to get the hang of it. It is a difficult, confusing time for all of us!
So, don’t worry about letting anybody down, just stay consistent and somedays will be bad, but some might also be great. If you can find and focus on the one thing that brings you joy in online school, it might really help in building interest!

Feeling like you’re failing can be healthy, only if it motivates you to try harder. But remember, the result is never in our hands, and our grades are not solely about how knowledgable we are. So, it’s alright to fail, failure isn’t a bad thing. Just don’t let grades affect your mood. If you feel like a failure, just apply it. Set some timings, maybe 1-2 hours in a day that you wish to study, and study within that time frame. The rest of the day, don’t go beating yourself up about your grades. You are an entire human being, and who you are at heart, is more important than any other thing, always remember that <3


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