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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

Recently I have been feeling numbness…and today I don’t feel sad or happy…my chest just feels heavy. All I can feel is the heaviness of my chest, I also have a lot of headaches…which I hate. I also notice that I have been feeling very lazy and haven’t done any hw either, I get stressed because the homework is hard so I don’t do it, but I also get stressed because I don’t do it, I know the deadline will end soon…I get stressed either way if I do or don’t do it.
This is affecting my grades, in English class, my B dropped to an F…in math I had a B and now a C, the thing is it’s really affecting my grades and I can’t seem to find a way to feel better. Someone already suggested me to meditate and I did but that didn’t work, another person told me to journal but it doesn’t help either way.
And, I keep having more and more thoughts about suicide, I know myself enough to know that I wouldn’t do such a thing to hurt my family so I do cut more than before. I crave to feel something so I cut because I don’t care if it’s pain…I just want to feel something that is not numb.

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Jafar Abbas @jafarabbas33

Hi! I really can’t imagine what you are going through. These are tough times. Even I sometimes think of self mutilation. Do you know how I got to know about this site? I was searching for suicide helpline. Believe me we are in this together. After joining this site, I felt better to share my thoughts and get pretty kind responses. My pre-boards starts tomorrow and I have almost no preparation. But we need to, You need to take one step at a time. OK?

Don’t look at what you want to achieve all at once. Take little steps. And be super comfortable and accept that you can’t do it all at once or maybe you can’t do it at all in such a short period of time. And that’s perfectly fine. We are going through tough times amigo! Chill! Take little steps and remember that “You can’t do it all at once” even small steps helps😉

Have an amazing life! We are here for you!


Thank you❣️ I hope the best for you too.

Jafar Abbas @jafarabbas33



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