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Recently discarded by what I now reckon to be narcicisst ex
Sex was out of this world. Emotionally disconnected but physically intense. Hard. So much of it. Just went it over and over and insanely hot.
Had no closure and I’m going crazy at the idea of her out there hooking up with others over and over
Any advice how I can find peace!?

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I think we all depend on that β€œclosure” to get out of things or we feel that closure will help us heal and will make us feel better. But, in my experience, closure has never helped. Because we always end up craving more of it. That β€œlast” meeting or "last"talk is never enough and we always feel that something more is required to get "closure"We want a last coffee, last kiss, last talk, last dinner, last goodbye. It never ends. It is always better to try and heal ourselves without depending on that other person to help us through it or depending on them. Probably talk to others about it. It’s great you shared your problem here.


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